Our story

It was in Pushkar, Rajasthan when one of our co-founders was returning back to Delhi from his 3-day solo trip in Pushkar. He was waiting for his bus to Delhi at the pickup point, which he came to know after asking about the same from 2-3 locals. While waiting for his bus, he noticed a young white woman (probably in early twenties) anxiously roaming here and there to talk to locals. She finally came to talk to him since she saw him with a backpack like herself.

She asked - “Hey, I have my bus to Delhi. Can you please tell me which bus is it? The bus that is leaving at 8 pm.”

“It hasn’t come yet, but this is the pickup point as I have been told by locals to stand near the Airtel store.” said Shubhit, our co-founder.

The bus arrived. They both boarded the bus and left for Delhi.

This one question made Shubhit wonder – “Despite so many websites and blogs dedicated to travel, she still searched for someone to answer the question.”

On the bus, Shubhit spend the whole night going through large travel websites and apps. After going through various websites and apps, he realized that all these websites while focusing on travel packages, hotel bookings and air tickets, forgot to focus on the most important side of travel – The social connect with humans.

The next day after returning, he called his friend, Abhishek Pandey, who was studying for his Masters in US. He told him the story and the problem. Abhishek was quick on realizing the problem and said – “Let’s do it” and “Travasko” was born.

The next one year, both, Abhishek and Shubhit researched about the whole travel industry, conducted user research/surveys and started building a small team to develop an app to help the travelers ask questions and share moments with other travelers.

So, let’s discover the journey together, shall we?